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Rob Frierson
Rob Frierson's Article

Who's editing YOUR site?

There are a LOT of powerful features built into your SchoolDesk websites, but there's only one that has the potential of "biting" you if you're not careful, so read on to protect yourself and your website!

In the settings area of every page and every module, you will find some options under the "General" tab (shown below) that will allow you to decide who can EDIT the content on your website and who can VIEW the content on your website, and the two options mean exactly what they say...."EDIT" or "VIEW". 

Be Careful about who you let EDIT your content!!! Generally, when you're adding content, modules or a new page to your website, you want everyone to be able to see this new content..."ALL USERS" can "VIEW" the content.  Unless you want to work on your page that's not quite ready for the world to see yet, you'll always want to check the "All Users" in the "View" column. In case you had a page hidden for a specific reason and you're now ready to display your page or content to the world, this is what you do to display it to "All Users" so that they can “View” your content.

But just think for a second what will happen if you check the "All Users" box in the "EDIT" means that ALL USERS (anyone in the world!) can EDIT your page or content without your permission. YIKES!!! That can spell certain disaster and maybe even huge legal issues for you if somebody who falls into the "All Users" group (meaning anyone with a pulse!) were to upload a dirty picture or post derogative or slanderous content on the website that YOU are responsible for!

Remember that as the "Administrator" of a website, you are taking on the very serious responsibility for the content posted on that website as well as the security and integrity of the content on it, so it's REALLY important that YOU or only those who you trust with your job have administrative rights (or EDIT rights) on any page or module within your website.  So just keep in mind that the labels on the 2 columns are completely literal and that they mean exactly what they say, so think VERY carefully before you check anything in the "EDIT" column.

So why even have the "All Users EDIT" function at all?  Well, you could create something called a "Wiki", kind of like Wikipedia, that would allow others to contribute to your page.  Obviously there are huge potential risks with this idea since we know that students and the untamed general public have a tendency to step a little outside the normal boundaries sometimes, and they could do something less than favorable to your site without your permission.  For this reason, if you are going to have a page set so that "All Users" can EDIT it, be aware of the potential downside.

Also, if you ever log out of your website and you still see the toolbar at the top of the page, then you know that something is not right.  You need to check the settings of your page to make sure that it is ONLY editable by YOU or a user or role that you trust.  If your page settings are correct, but you still see the toolbar at the top of your page, then it means that one or more of the modules on your page are set to be “EDIT” by All Users.  Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is go to the settings of EVERY module on your page until you find the one or more that are set wrong.  I know it sounds like a pain, but once you go through this headache yourself, you’ll never let it happen again…especially if somebody else got to your site before you did and did something horrible to it!

If you ever have questions about something like this, or if you're in doubt about how certain features or functions work, don't hesitate to contact our support folks and ask them to help you out.  You can reach the support folks by clicking HERE

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