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PowerSchool selects SchoolDesk as a partner

We are excited to have been selected as an independent software vendor with Pearson, the country's most widely used and respected student information system, PowerSchool

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pearson has just selected SchoolDesk to its K-12 Technology Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program to create a uniquely powerful suite of online tools for students, parents and teachers across the country, allowing Pearson and SchoolDesk to fully integrate its industry leading SIS tools for millions of SchoolDesk users. Through the use of PowerSchool's new and powerful API tools, SchoolDesk will be integrating student data into its upcoming release of the long-awaited SchoolDesk Connections where our users will be able to connect, communicate, collaborate & share within a secure and easy to use social networking interface. This new partnership will create a stronger and better connected educational community for everyone.

“We are very excited about this partnership, as it allows us to enhance our communication tools within PowerSchool,” said Luyen Chou, chief product officer with the K-12 Technology group of Pearson. “We believe that partnering SchoolDesk with PowerSchool will allow us to bring unrivalled student data management and collaboration capabilities to the broad student populations served by both PowerSchool and SchoolDesk.”

SchoolDesk provides industry-leading web hosting solutions for many thousands of schools and teachers all across America, and delivers more powerful web tools & features than any other educational web hosting service provider.  As such, SchoolDesk users can quickly and easily create and manage their school and teacher websites in order to provide valuable, current & relevant information to parents, students and other teachers students on all static and mobile Internet connected devices. 

“Working directly with Pearson and PowerSchool will allow us to immediately deliver the information that parents, teachers and students want and need through a completely integrated and simple to use environment unlike anything before.” said Rob Frierson, President of SchoolDesk. “In the same manner that we integrate our student-safe email, student web lockers, Google apps and other web-based applications, our users will now be able to access grades, attendance and all of the other invaluable information that PowerSchool delivers from within our simple and secure SchoolDesk websites.”

About Pearson

Pearson (NYSE:PSO), the global leader in education and learning technology, aims to help people make progress in life through learning. Pearson’s leadership spans pre-K12, higher education, and corporate learning globally. Pearson’s other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information about the K-12 Technology group of Pearson, visit

About SchoolDesk

SchoolDesk is the nation's fastest growing provider of school and teacher websites, and currently provides it's uniquely powerful services to more than 2000 schools and over 162,000 teachers.  The SchoolDesk platform delivers more features & functions, while providing the highest return on the schools' investment dollar, and continues to increase the breadth of its product offering through the development of such things as its proprietary SchoolDesk Connections application and the utilization of many new API technologies that allow it to integrate such things as Google apps email, student web lockers, social media applications and more. Continuously setting the bar higher for web site hosting providers everywhere, the fast-growing base of its users view nearly a million SchoolDesk pages each and every day in order to access their personal files, receive & return homework assignments, submit trouble tickets to their various service and technology departments, access their email, read teacher & class information, communicate and share with parents, teachers & students, and many other web-based functions, all within a student-safe and secure environment. 

To learn more about SchoolDesk, see us at

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