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Announcements 101: Part Two

Announcements 101 
Parts One and Two

The September/October 2015 sessions for SD University revolved around EVERYTHING Announcements! We covered the following topics:

What is an Announcement?

Where do I find the Announcement module?

How do create an Announcement?

Can I link Announcements to documents? External Pages? Internal Pages? 

What if I don't need to link an Announcement to anything?


How to put all the steps together for a GREAT presentation!

If you were not able to attend the sessions:

Announcements 101 Part One Handout. 
You can watch a recording of Announcements 101 Part One here.

Announcements 101 Part Two Handout.
You can watch a recording of Announcements 101 Part Two here.

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You can always reach our Support channels with any additional questions by:

Phone: 1.888.242.2685 ext 2
LiveChat: Hours are 8am EST to 6pm EST


We look forward to seeing you in class for Announcements 101 - Part 2 on October 20th, 2015!

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