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SchoolDesk Mobile is ALMOST here!


These days, everybody has to be mobile with just about everything, and that also applies to your school websites.  We’re aware of the urgent need for mobile sites, and have been working for months to try to get our new mobile platform delivered, but many unforeseen obstacles and challenges have been throwing us off and gobbling all of our internal resources to the point that we simply have not been able to stay focused on the mobile applications long enough to get it completed.


So we are very excited to inform you that SchoolDesk has now partnered with a local third-party company, ACE Applications, to expedite the completion of this long-awaited addition to the SchoolDesk websites.  ACE applications has many years of experience in developing a wide variety of mobile products and applications, and since they won’t be dealing with the myriad of day-to-day projects that our in-house team is so thoroughly focused on, they will be able to finalize our vision of a mobile solution much faster than we would be able to do on our own.


This exciting news means that the realization of a true mobile experience for all of our sites is now closer than ever!  We appreciate the incredible patience that you have demonstrated while waiting on the delivery of SchoolDesk mobile sites, and are thrilled to be able to say that it’s finally going to be happening, and very soon!  While we don’t have an actual delivery date just yet, we expect the completion of the project to take approximately another month, meaning that we could have all of our sites live on the new mobile application as early as mid to late June!


The way that we’re building our new mobile application will not require anything to be done on your end, or any special content or site modifications of any kind.  Once it’s ready, you’ll automatically start seeing a true responsive and mobile version of your sites any time that you pull them up on any cell phone or tablet, including iPhones, iPads, Androids, and even Windows phones, without you ever having to do anything at all!


We’ll be providing additional updates and glimpses of the new application as we get a little closer, so stay tuned for a whole new SchoolDesk experience coming soon!


Rob Frierson
SchoolDesk President

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