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Making ADA Compliance Better & Easier Than Ever Before!

We are dedicated to ensuring that our platform and your websites are as accessible for every student, teacher and community member as they can be.  SchoolDesk has partnered with an industry-leading ADA compliance innovator, UserWay, to provide more functionality, a higher level of compliance and ease of use, than ever imagined. These new and vastly improved ADA compliance tools will far exceed any and all requirements of ADA and OCR, while also being more reliable and easier to use than our current system.



We have implemented the new and improved ADA Tool on Friday, December 8, 2017.  The ADA bar at the top of your site was  replaced with the new accessibility icon.   For most, it will be in the top right corner, depending on site design and logo placements. Website compliance is intended to assist all users and all disabilities, not just those with physical or mobility limitations. With a broader reach of compliance comes a more all-encompassing icon. 

Users will now have more options for accessing your website. Keyboard navigation works better than ever expected.  Multiple sized cursors are available that make it easier to track movement. Several different contrast options are available.  Multiple text size options are just a click away, as well as instantly highlighting links, font conversions and even the ability to have the entire page read to you by a very realistic computer-generated voice.

As always, we hope this makes your job a little bit easier and please reach out to our team if you have any questions! 

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