Network Security Is Paramount To Functionality

The most beautiful and versitile website is the world is absolutely useless and worthless if its contents and users are not secure. Hackers, ransomware and viruses are ever-evolving, which is why our security measures have never stopped improving. Although nobody can guarantee 100% security and reliability, we're as close as it gets!


Utilizing the power of Cloud Computing

Making use of the globally recognized Amazon cloud network, combined with our own dedicated hardware, SchoolDesk has the capability of promising an industry-leading 99.99% uptime and availability guarantee for all of your school websites. Because of the power of cloud computing and regional content delivery networks (CDNs), our websites are just as fast in California as they are in New York or Florida, or anywhere in between.  

Not only does our unique network structure provide unparalleled speed and reliability, it also allows us to provide a much higher level of redundancy and continual backups than most companies can.

Contact us to take a tour of the SchoolDesk system to show you how easy it is to manage even the largest or most robust website.  Our team is standing by to show you an easier and better way to take control of your website.

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