We're not new, we're just new to you...

We're a division of a company that's been around for over 18 years, and might already be in your community.

You  see, the whole concept of CivicSites started of as SchoolDesk, which has been providing web hosting services for public and private schools all over the county, in 38 states and over 2500 schools, since 2002!  So we're no stranger to building huge and complex websites with hundreds of pages, dozens of departments, thousands of users, with multiple locations, which is very much like your typcial civic website or community website. 

 In fact, when you examine the needs and structure of a large school system (think Atlanta, Tucson, Oklahoma City, Louisville, etc.), the complexity of the websites and the general needs in terms of design, build out, training and support, is almost identical to that of a large city or community website. So you see, we've always been here in communities just like your, but you just didn't know it.

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