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SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites STUDENTS
SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites PARENTS
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites

The New Way to
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Connections for teachers...

  • Activity Wall

    With an intuitive design, it looks and feels kind of like Facebook, so you know it will be easy to learn and easy to use with little or no training for your users.

    Your Profile

    Teachers and students can manage their own profiles and preferences in order to customize the way that the system looks, feels and responds to their needs.


    Create as many groups or class periods as you like, then create posts, quizzes, polls, assignments and more for your group or even multiple groups.

    File Storage

    Upload and store any and all the files, photos, videos and whatever else you'll ever need and access it all anywhere at any time.  It's all completely unlimited!


    Powerful simple to use calendars & schedulers will keep you and all of your students on task and fully informed of everything happening in your classes .


    Share anything with any of your connections with just a few clicks, and they can do the same for you. It's a true real-time share-it-all kind of world now.

Connections for students...

  • Social Wall

    Simple, familiar social media style layout means students will instantly know how to use and make the most of it all with little or no learning curve.


    Teachers can give any type of project to their students, who in turn can complete them online without the need to even download or re-upload anything!

    Polls & Quizzes

    Teachers post them and students complete them, and can even see instant real-time scores & results of everything they ever do in any of their classes.

    Web Lockers

    Upload and store unlimited documents, homework, projects, and everything else that today's students have to keep up with, and access it from anywhere.


    All users can get instant updates & notifications via email and text messages (or both!) so that they will always what's going on and when and with whom.


    Students can connect with their teachers on their own in order to take almost all of the user management off of the backs of their busy teachers.

Connections for parents...

  • Track your kids

    Parents can log into the system to see and access everything their kids have done and even contact their teachers for real-time chat and collaboration.

    Web Meetings

    Parents & teachers can have real-time instant web conferences 'on the fly' whenever needed to share screens, files, desktops to stay on top of everything.

    File Access

    Parents can see and access all of the files, documents and anything else their kids have uploaded in order to always be aware of what they are doing & storing.

    Access Anywhere

    Since SchoolDesk works on all major browsers and all fixed and mobile devices, every user can access all of the features & functions of the system from anywhere.


    Just like their kids can, parents can also sign up for constant reminders and alerts of assignments and everything that's going on in their child's classes.


    Parents can communicate privately and securely with the teachers of their kids without the kids seeing or knowing any of the details of their communications.

Connections for everyone...

  • Swear Filter

    Only Connections includes a fully functional dirty word filter can grow and evolve as new words and phrases  need to be blocked from use in your system.

    Content Flagging

    The only 'self-policing' LMS where users can report & remove any inappropriate posts, bullying, comments, or whatever else just isn't for use in schools.

    Data Security

    All user data is store inside of your Connections site even if users accidentally or intentionally try deleting it form the system, so you always have it all.


    Administrators can quietly monitor all activity and flag inappropriate content and moderate files in real time in order to keep the peace before there are problems.


    Stored on multiple servers in multiple data centers in different states, you can rest assured that all of your content will always be replicated and available.

    Always Growing

    We never stop developing & growing, and we always look for new and better ways of doing just about everything, so just tell us what you want or need.