Your new trouble ticketing Help Desk

On top of everything else that SchoolDesk includes, there's even a full-blown trouble ticketing Help Desk solution built right in, and of course, there's NO ADDED COST for it either!   Now your users can submit trouble tickets through your website, and those tickets will be automatically delivered to the proper person or department that will respond to the issue.  Your users will be able to monitor all ticket activity and get constant email notifications, updates & alerts while the ticket is being managed, as well as see real-time stats and reports of all helpdesk tickets and its users. 

If you're already paying for some sort of helpdesk solution, or if you've always wished you had one, here's your chance to not only save HUGE money for your school system, but to also have the industry's only fully integrated trouble ticketing HelpDesk solution within your school websites.

  A full Support Center for you and your staff

Included with every SchoolDesk website is a fully functional and totally customizable trouble ticketing helpdesk tool, which we call your Support Center.  Although we use this same great tool to support more than a million SchoolDesk users, you can use it to help support every teacher and staff member of your school to track and resolve everyday issues like computer and network issues, software and connectivity problems, and even non-technical issues such as classroom and building maintenance troubles.

Fully Customizable
Internal Comments
Rich Text Editor
Ticket Properties
File Attachments
Email Updates
Reports & Stats