How to choose the right website hosting provider

Don't make the mistake in thinking that it's all about the price!  Sure, SchoolDesk is one of the lowest-cost providers in the market, as we generally set the pace for service pricing, but there's so many more reasons to consider SchoolDesk over all the other options out there!  Here are the top 4 things to consider when shopping...

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The Right Features & Functions

Does the system your considering have all the possible features and functions that you AND your staff could want or need?

Don't just consider your own personal feature set, but also consider the needs and styles of your team. People with different levels of creativity, different types of content, and different audiences all need different tools, so make sure that the system your looking at has everything.




Easy to Use and Manage

If it's not easy, people just won't use it, which is why SchoolDesk was designed with ease of use in mind.

With lots of drag & drop functionality, and automatic resizing of content, super simple and friendly user interface, you just won't find an easier way to build powerful and complex websites without the process getting powerfully complicated. No special knowledge of HTML or other software is required, so our WYSIWYG editing tools make managing content as easy as writing an email.

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Performance and Reliability

Fast, stable and reliable is the name of the game in web hosting, and we have it down to a science!

Not only are we the only ones to promise a 99.99% guaranteed uptime, be we also deliver your website pages, photos, documents and videos at blazing fast speeds. With multiple content delivery networks, heavy content caching and cloud storage for everything you upload, you can rest easy knowing that your sites will always be lightening fast on any device.




Company Stability

Your organization has been around a while, and you need a provider who has too. You also need one who's going to be here with you going forward.

With a long history of web hosting that dates back to 2002, we've been part of the birth and growth of the Internet, and have learned and improved every step of the way.  With over 2,500 websites under our belt, we're ready for whatever the future may hold for you or for our industry.  No matter what, we're her for you.

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